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The Missionaries of Lord Buddha Seeks funding.

The Missionaries of Lord Buddha is a Buddhist Organization working among the down-trodden people of India irrespective of caste, creed and community. Its work projects are primarily targeted to the financially deprived people at the grass root level of remote villages, slums and urban areas where migrant workers from other parts of India struggle for existence. All the projects of MLB are based on the ideals of Lord Buddha’s compassion, the project brings meaningful benefits directly to the people to whom it istargeted.

Among its other projects are the establishing of Buddha Viharas, setting up of Lord Buddha Convent Schools in the rural and urban areas of India with intention to benefit the youth to whom education of this standard based on the principles of the Buddha, which would otherwise not be possible. The other projects of MLB are setting up of the Group of Lord Buddha Educational Institutions. These Institutions will bring students to the level of International standards of education and prepare them to face the competitive world.

The MLB's other projects include establishing Buddha Viharas, publishing free Educational and Social text books, periodicals etc. Homes for the aged, or phanages and offering self employment schemes for widows etc. In all, its ideals are based on the principle of the Four Nobel Truth and Eight Fold Path as taught by Lord Buddha.

What we are Seeking

   Financial support from well-wishers for expanding its projects and area of work inserving the down-trodden masses. Establishing of Buddha Viharas and like minded projects whereby Buddhism can be returned to the 'land of its origin'. The intention is to make MLB a self reliant and able to support itself in the near future. Your involvement and generous support to the project will not only bring merit but also offer you the satisfaction of being involved in a transparent project based on the teachings of the Buddha.

For further information on the Organization and the Welfare projects being presently undertaken, please write to :
H.P. Maurya, Founder Chairman, Missionaries of Lord Buddha 
email : 
All contributions made to the Missionaries of Lord Buddha are exempted from Income tax Under Section 80G(5)(VI) of  Income TaxAct- 1961.  
Mode Of Payment:  All donations should be in the form of demand draft/cheques in favour of  "Missionaries of Lord Buddha" payable at Allahabad.

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