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The Missionaries of Lord Buddha founded by Hari Prakash Maurya, an eminent Buddhist and Social worker who has dedicated his life to serving the Buddhist cause. He is also a member of the World Peace Prayer Society, U.S.A. This project was established in the year 2000 as a Registered Society in Allahabad (UP) India for the promotion of the Buddha Dhamma both as a Faith and also in the field of Compassion to help the poor and people in distress.

From its inception it has created a work environment aimed at uniting human beings to collectively share the joys of religion.

At 'Grass-root' level MLB is involved in offering Educational, Economical and Social upliftment  to the down-trodden people living in the rural areas, villages as well as people who have been economically deprived and exploited.

MLB has already established a Monastery; The Lord Buddha Temple and Meditation Center at Allahabad which was inaugurated by the Former Prime Minister of India Shri. V.P. Singh on 5th January 2002. The Temple has been visited by his Holiness the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje on the occasion of the First International Buddhist conference in Allahabad, organized by the Missionaries of Lord Buddha. MLB has plans to establish Buddha Viharas in other cities too in the near future

One of MLB's major projects to serve humanity through the establishment of a unique 'Lord Buddha Convent School'. The first school in this project based on the teachings of Lord Buddha along with a high standard of 'General Education' has been running since the year 2002 and was inaugurated by Dr. Udit Raj, a Former I.R.S. officer. This project has proven itself as a success and now the Management of MLB intends to expand this educational culture through A Group of Lord Buddha Educational Institutions. This Group project will also under take the establishment of Senior Secondary Education Centre and Degree Colleges that will be named after Lord Buddha and Deeksha. These Schools and Colleges will have specialized courses of education through English and Hindi medium and be opened in every state in India. Another Branch of this project will promote courses in Medical Science, Technical Education, Information Technology, Computer Science, Management Studies, Arts, Commerce etc.

The other projects on the anvil is the establishment of Social welfare projects such as â€˜Deekshalaya’Homes for the aged, Orphanages for destitute children and homes and self employment schemes for widows and women deserted by their husband/family under the project entitled the Deekshalaya–The Sangha for Women and Child Welfare and Development.
MLB also intend to publish free books on educationaland social subjects, journals and other such literature promoting the teachings of Lord Buddha.

As a team of dedicated Buddhists, the co-ordinators of Missionaries of Lord Buddha are constantly updating its projects to reach humanity, establish new Institutions and offer to the deprived masses a source of livelihood and solace where none are available. The source of inspiration at every step of the path they take is formulated on them teachings of the Buddha and his compassion for mankind. This is the only path they follow.  

About The Founder Chairman

Mr. H.P. Maurya is the Founder Chairman of  Missionaries of  Lord Buddha. The project has been inspired by his dedications to expanding the Dhamma of Lord Buddha.
He was born on the 5th of March 1966 in Gurgaon, (Haryana) and belongs to a medium class Hindu family. Apart from him, he has five brothers and two sisters. He has been in the service of the Central Board of Secondary Education since 10th May 1993 and has been posted at Allahabad (U.P.).

In the year 1999 he organized a Conference in Gurgaon (Haryana) on Dr.B.R.Ambedkar's Buddhist ideology entitled "Baba Sahib's Dream. This was the turning point of his life. From that very day he began an intensive study of the Buddha and the Dhamma as well as on Baba Sahib Dr. Bhim Rao, Ambedkar's life, mission and as pirations to bring Buddhism to India. It was also from that day onwards that he renounced all the Hindu rituals and sought Buddhism as his guiding path. 

Mr. Maurya has often stated: "Today I want to create a strong brother-hood that will uproot the ancient traditions that divide man against each other. Every human being should live his life to complete fulfillment. He should live every moment of his life aware of his potential to do good for others. This is the path that Lord Buddha showed us and it is the only path I follow."

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